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Mom of four whose dream finally came true. I was gifted a little girl from above who inspires me everyday! I love making everything extra pretty for her!

Whimsical Nursery

When I found out Im having a girl after already having 2 boys, I couldn’t be more excited. I always had this specific nursery in my mind that I never had a chance to bring to reality because I had no girls, so after the big news hit my mind, I got busy.
It came out to be harder than I thought because most of the stuff I either had to make myself or alter it somehow to match what I had in mind. On top of that I was also on a budget so I had to spend wisely which was super hard.
I ended up buying used furniture and painting it white. My mom helped me sew my bedding and together we came up with a perfect mobile to match the whole theme.
I really wanted to have gold accents here and there so I bought a gold spray paint and painted things like letters on the wall, mobile hanger, curtain rod, and picture frames.
What I’m mostly proud of is that most, if not all, the things in the room are done by diy technique. I’m excited to know that no one will have exactly the same stuff and that everything in my little girl’s room is made especially for her!
I had a lot of fun designing this special room and it came out exactly how I’ve imagined it.