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I Love Milk Shower

This was a baby shower with the theme I Love Milk because babies loooove milk if you did not know.  My talented hubby designed all my graphics.  I also enlisted the help of a couple friends to help me drink store bought starbucks frappecinos so I could create the look of old fashioned milk bottles.  And utilized the help of trusty dusty GooGone to get rid of the labels.  The food was of course cookies and donuts because that is what you eat with milk.  You will notice another favorite element…my “milk mustaches.”  Mustaches are all the rage right now…and I LOVE IT.  I used mustache lollipop molds and white chocolate for those.  Oh…this fun party was super cheap around $100 including food!

Baby Big Foot’s Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was start dreaming about the nursery. I had an idea of what we wanted if it was a girl and a different idea for a boy. Well when our ultrasound came up, we could not tell if the babe was a boy or girl…but I was just dying to get started. I took my two ideas and smooshed them together…ending up with our turquoise, orange, and yellow color scheme. We found out later it was a boy, so I began adding in cute little guy elements.