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Ava’s Cinderella 3rd Birthday

I let miss Ava pick what kind of party she wanted to have this year. It wasn’t hard to guess she would pick “Cinderella-y”. Perfect choice! Such a classic princess. I first found the little stuffed mice on eBay which inspired me to work in the pink dress making scene from the movie. I was thrilled to find the pink dress from an online children’s boutique (unfortunately now closed but can find similar on Etsy). After that it was just crafting and setting up for the event. She loved her dress and glass slippers along with spending the day with her family and friends. It was truly magical.

Ava’s Flamingo 2nd Birthday

Ava received a flamingo stuffed animal for Christmas that she calls “Mingo”. It’s the cutest thing, and gave me the idea for her second birthday.
I quickly began crafting and searching for items I could use. I found metal flamingos at hobby lobby that were hot pink, but I wanted everything light pink and white, so I used spray paint and hot glued fake ranunculus flowers to their necks. I couldn’t find a striped table runner so I purchased fabric from Walmart, folded it over and voila! I ordered some fake grass (my husband probably thought I was crazy) for the centerpiece and added fake flowers from Michaels/hobby lobby and more spray painted flamingos to it. The white trey holding the fake grass is from home goods, as well as most of the serving pieces. All of the small flower arrangements I put on pails from the $1 section at target. One of my favorite items would be her party hat. I bought a pink and white striped birthday hat and dolled it up with a few fake flowers, a bow at the top, and Pom Pom trim towards the bottom.
I know my time of picking her party themes are quickly coming to an end, so this was a fun one to craft and dream up. It was a wonderful day with family and friends and Ava had a blast.