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New mom of a 7 week old baby girl- Everly Rae. I am a high school art teacher and I run Art by You at Weirdgirl Creations (a pottery studio) in RI with my mom and sister. I have a great husband, Sean and a dog, Bodi.

Everly’s Room

I really enjoyed creating this nursery.  It started with two colors – Pink and Tiffany blue.  I decided I wanted brown accents- I wanted feminine but not overly pink.  Having a lot of hand made elements was important to me and I really built the room piece by piece.  Owls and unicorns made their way into the design and I think that everything is tied together by color.  Everything in the room has a little story with it, from the rocking chair we found on craigslist and refurbished to the Ugly Dolls on the shelf from my younger sister.