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Lauren Winter Dietrich

My name is Lauren and I'm a mom of two boys. I am a stay at home mom and work as a professional photographer, owning and operating my home-based business. I love anything to do with design and enjoy planning out new projects for each room.

Smith’s Rustic Modern Nursery

Our inspiration for this nursery began with our love for reclaimed wood. We started with a home made pallet wall stained in walnut and white washed to create a lighter feel. We then started designing the rest of the room around that. White furniture for a fresh clean look with pops of color here and there. The wall art we found was perfect as it showcased our favourite beaches in Hawaii. My husband chose the white moose head for the wall which I actually really liked as well. Our book wall was the perfect way to display all of the books we received as gifts and bring more color to the room.

Miller’s Rustic Farmhouse Nursery

We chose to do a farmhouse style nursery for our baby boy, although this nursery could be fit for a girl as well. We love wood walls and have pallet walls in other rooms so the shiplap was one of the first things we decided on. We love clean simple and rustic wood so this nursery ended up being exactly what I imagined and very affordable also. With basic patterns and reclaimed wood accents, we made this nursery a room we love spending time in!