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DIY Children’s Playhouse

Creating this special space for my daughter has been a lot of fun and doing it together with my husband is a memory I won’t soon forget. Our yard feels so nice to hang out in after work and our daughter is just loving the new addition. She literally will run in there and just hang out – painting and playing.
A couple of things about the playhouse since you’re likely curious! We purchased the playhouse off of Craigslist and on a wet and rainy day, I sent my husband and a friend to pick it up. I should have known when they returned in fits of laughter that something was up. Well turns out the playhouse was rather large – much larger than I anticipated – as in we could stand up inside it!
So my husband had to do some modifications to it (removed the front porch) and added to the side instead. We painted the whole interior and exterior white (Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore) as well as created a dutch door. I had so much fun filling up the house with items I thought she would enjoy. Pretend kitchen, paints, toys etc. We still need to add back on the window box for flowers but the hunt is still on for the perfect galvanized box!
If you have plans to tackle a project like this I recommend scouring Craigslist often to see if anyone is selling their old set. I would see them pop up and just as quickly they were gone. A hot commodity when the weather gets nice outside.