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kristina van rooyen

My name is Kristina and I love my family, sunny days, the beach, children’s laughter, good coffee and great design! I'm a mum to 4 year old girl Scarlett and an interior stylist for little people.

Aria’s Princess Room

Aria’s dad contacted me even before she was born. He wanted a room that would be really special and very very pretty. He has a gorgeous new home and wished for a beautiful princess room that would perfectly match the rest of the house. And he wanted pink.
I started with choosing a beautiful bed and built the design from there. I absolutely love wallpaper and use it whenever I can so I suggested a soft dusty pink wallpaper with little gold stars and that set our mood and colours for the room. The room originally had grey walls and the decision was made to paint them pink. I colour matched them with the wallpaper and now the whole room feels nice and calm when you walk in.
Opposite the bed is a pretty bookshelf in the shape of a house decorated with lots of books, toys, personalised prints and decor. It’s positioned there to create balance in the room. I used the space under the window to create different play areas: a beautiful castle like dollhouse, a hanging rack with gorgeous little dresses, a mini white piano and a cute little vanity with little wooden nail polishes. 
Everything in this room is so lovely. From the gorgeous metal cornice canopy and pretty velvet bedding, to the adorable tulle ring with satin pointe shoes and glamorous paper flowers on the wall, everything is so girly and princessy. Just like dad wanted for his little girl. 
Conrad Taylor
Kristina Van Rooyen, All is pretty

Scarlett’s Big Girl Room

This is the prettiest room in our home and definitely a labour of love. I created this lovely room for my sweet daughter Scarlett. When she turned 2 I started thinking about getting her a ‘big girl’ bed and also her own room. Her wishes were very simple – pink! She is a very girly girl who loves ballet, singing, nail polish, dresses, lipstick, sparkles…and with her I learned to embrace pink. It was so much fun to create this little space of hers.
I wanted the room to have a neutral base, so the room could grow with her or be easily changed later into a guest room. I chose the wallpaper first: black and white oversized peonies. I don’t know why, but when I saw it I loved it and decided I’d create the design around it. The great thing about this wallpaper is that it is removable. How good is that!
After that I decided on wall colours. Or walls were creamy white and they definitely didn’t look good with fresh whites and greys on our new wallpaper. I find beautiful light grey that compliments the wallpaper and started painting the wall. No need to say that little brown eyes were following my every step. Scarlett came into a room while I was painting the wall and asked: Is that grey? Don’t you know that my favourite colour is pink?
I needed to explain that all other things in room will be pink. She wasn’t happy. But with time furniture start coming in, we bought pink canopy, I ordered few beautiful artworks, we got pink velvet bedding and room started to get the shape. Scarlett was happier. She would still complain about the wall colour now and then. We put in the little desk with magnet board, pink seat  and after few months of waiting our gorgeous pink couch arrived! That was the last thing that we were waiting for and her room is finally finished! 
She loves to invite friends in and she says now: Come to my beautiful room!