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Kenzi Reid Reddick

Being a mom is my greatest joy! We spent years trying for a family. After multiple failed fertility treatments and the loss of 3 babies, we had it set in our hearts that adoption was the path to parenthood for us! It was the greatest decision we ever made. Shortly after we brought our son home, we bought a new house. I was so excited to give my son a place of his own.

Everly’s Bohemian Dream

We are adopting our precious daughter, Everly in just a few weeks! I had a vision of her nursery in my mind long before her birth mama found us several months ago. Her room incorporates my favorite style, my favorite plants and has little touches that remind me of her first mama, the one who chose life for her and is giving us our greatest blessing. Several pieces in this nursery were DIY’s or were found at local antique shops. While her nursery may be complete, it’s still missing one thing: Our Everly girl.