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kelsey williams

Mom of two and lifestyle blogger at Snappy Casual.

Rooney’s Colorful Big Girl Bedroom

Welcome to Rooney’s room! This space has changed a lot over the years as we transitioned it from her nursery to a big girl room. Where there used to be a crib is now a school desk, and where there used to be a diaper changing station is now a twin-size bed. It really is crazy how time flies.
Her room is probably my favorite room in our entire house. Of course, I love the bright white walls, and it’s also got a lot of pops of color and personality. Her little brother, Finch, loves it too – we often find him sneaking in here to jump on the bed or find markers he’s not supposed to have.
The wicker headboard was mine growing up that we spray-painted pink. I remember tracing my fingers on it while trying to fall asleep at night, and now I see Rooney doing the same thing as I tuck her into bed. Combine that with her “reading” Love You Forever to us before bed and I’m usually fighting back tears.
The patches on the wall represent all of the states she has visited. I’m excited to get more patches as souvenirs when we take family trips. I kind of stretched when I got the D.C. one – Rooney has only been there in my tummy. On that trip, Eric and I purchased 12 dresser knobs for her IKEA dresser. They certainly weighed down my luggage on the flight back, but they are still one of my favorite parts of her room!
I have an R problem – I am fully aware. There are like 15 Rs in her room. I think it’s a cool-looking letter and a fun, easy way to personalize her room even though she has a unique name. I’ve gotten these all over – Anthropologie, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, Urban Outfitters, Target, Pottery Barn Kids, and The Land of Nod. There are so many more that I want. How many is too many? Should I just go ahead and fill the whole wall???
Rooney is an artist – she loves to paint, cut, glue, draw, color, write, take photos, etc. At one point, she was really into making crowns that she would wear as she performed songs for us (each crown had a different song, it was very elaborate). We knew she needed her own space to get crafty that wasn’t our kitchen table, so we got her this desk from our local Goodwill. She loves opening and closing the lid, of course! Hanging her own artwork on the walls using washi tape has been an easy way to decorate and also celebrate her artistry.
I’m not sure what’s next for her room. I have thought about painting it a light light light pink. I also think she’d love a wall calendar, as she is learning about different months and seasons. She is certainly getting her own ideas of what she wants her room to look like, so I want to try to step back and let her lead. More than anything, I want her to love being in this space.

Finch’s Geometric Modern Nursery

Welcome to Finch’s room! It’s small and cozy. The room is only 10′ x 10′, so it’s taken a bit of creativity & trial and error to find the best arrangement.
One of my favorite things about his room is that he uses the same crib and dresser that I used as a baby. I think about it every time I change his diaper and put him to bed – it’s very special for me to have them! We painted them black and they turned out great! Almost two years later, the paint has not chipped at all!
The Sharpie Paint Marker statement wall was a fun DIY project – I hope Finch will like it. If not, we can just paint over it!
I still love the piece of art we made using shoe polish. It was super quick & easy, too! It says:
I am Finch Christianson Williams, the son of a King who is not moved by the world, for my God is with me + goes before me, I do not fear for I am his.
The dresser is pretty small, so we created additional storage in his closet to hold extra sheets, clothes and shoes. All of the hanging clothes are for him to grow into, and everything that fits him now is in the dresser. I love shopping for him, can you tell? Most of it is second-hand, which is my favorite way to snag a good deal!
His room is very black and white. This color scheme just seemed to be the easiest, but I have enjoyed bringing in pops of color through artwork and toy baskets.
I wanted to make sure to have a few toys and books accessible. Finch is really into books right now – he loves grabbing one out of the basket and then climbing up onto the rocking chair to “read” it. It makes my heart very happy!