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First time Chicago mom preparing for baby boy's arrival at the end of February

Cityscape Nursery

When I started planning out Baby G’s nursery, I knew I wanted something modern, clean, and original.  The first part to come together was the crib and dresser because I loved the clean, modern look of the furniture. Seriously, who knew there were 7,000 different types of cribs to choose from?
Still without a “theme” of sorts, I went in search of bedding to give me some ideas.  When I found the skyline set, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.  The rest came together rather easily.  I had the 10 ft. Chicago skyline custom made to fit the wall, and that serves as the focal point when someone enters the room.  I then picked a couple of accent colors to work with the grey and immediately found the “Golden Slumbers” lyrics to hang on the wall.  Side note: It’s funny, but I’ve known since I was very young that those lyrics would one day hang on the wall of my baby’s nursery.  It has been my all-time favorite song since I was a little girl and I love that they are the focal point of the other wall.
The rest was just a matter of searching Etsy/Pinterest/Interwebs for cute ideas.  I am particularly fond of the airplanes, which are actually wall hooks, because in person it looks very 3D.  The only things left to do are to hang the mobile from the ceiling (I don’t like it on the crib) and paint the wooden “C” initial a light grey.
I’ve never been one for interior decorating, and I didn’t think I’d enjoy putting together something like a nursery as much as I did.  But I must say I’m quite proud of the finished product.