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Katie Krass

New mom who loves lots of color and mermaids!

Skyler’s Mermaid Nursery

My husband and I are both avid scuba divers so it only felt natural that we give our daughter, Skyler, an ocean themed nursery full of mermaids, smiling sea creatures, and the most adorable crab basket you’ve ever seen. I found a lot of her cute nursery decor on Etsy, like her mermaid mobile that hangs above her crib, her mermaid hair bow holder, and her personalized name cut from felt letters. My husband didn’t want the room too look “too pink”, so they pink curtains were as “pink” as I could go. I wanted the room to feel very bright and happy, like our little Skyler. Don’t be afraid of pops of color, like colorful curtains – sometimes that’s all the color you need to really liven up the space. Also always check Etsy for any grand idea you might have, because chances are someone on there has created your dream nursery decor item. I’m also a huge Amazon fan and found lots of fun items for the nursery on there, like her coral lamp and narwhal print crib sheets! I’m very happy with how our nursery turned out and I know Skyler is going to love the ocean like her parents do.