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I help manage a veterinary practice in Chicago and when I'm not helping save animals, I'm with my husband and 1 year old daughter. I've never felt so full being a mom and am so happy to have such an amazing family!

DIY Tree Mural for Baby Nursery

Arwens Room

When I first created Arwens nursery, I wasn’t sure who she was going to be. After spending 15 months with her, I’ve realized her love of nature. I decided to transform her room to offer her a place that made her happy. She loves pointing to the tree and telling me what it is (twee is what she can say) and the closet turned book nook is her favorite spot in the room.

Arwens Nursery

I wanted a room that was bright, but not shocking. Sticking with colors vs. a theme (like animals or a place), the goal of the room is to grow with little Arwen and hopefully transition well with the rest of the house.   For those who are looking to be a bit cost senstive: The total for this room was well under 1200 dollars (crib and everything)