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Hi Ya'll!
I am a first time mama with a love of all things beachy and colorful! I love to have a vision and see it all come together in the end. My best advice is to just have fun with it and don't settle until you have found your perfect piece! What you want is out there, it may just take a little looking to find it!

Isla’s Tropical Escape Blush & Leaf Print Nursery

Isla’s tropical escape nursery stemmed from my love of all things beachy & island inspired. When we then decided to name our daughter Isla which means islands, I just knew I had to have a nursery that fit not only my love of those things but also her name. I have always been a blush/pink person and having a little girl sealed the deal that I had to incorporate the color into her nursery but I also wanted it to have a tropical vibe. When I was about 5 months pregnant we took a trip to Los Angeles and had brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We walked in and I instantly thought this is it, this is the tropical vibe I need to incorporate into my little girls nursery. The lush banana leaves everywhere with the pink accents was exactly what I was looking for. I also decided to add a flamingo theme to the mix to give it that extra little girly & Floridian touch since that is where we live.
When we got back from our trip I got right to work finding those perfect touches of leaf print mixed in with girly pink accents and all things flamingo. I did most of my shopping online, hunting for the perfect pieces. I really wanted everything to come together fluently right down to the swaddles next to her crib. I stuck with a natural wall color and furniture and decided to let the accent pieces bring in all the color & print. I found a really simple white dresser from IKEA and dressed it up with fun knobs. I found beautiful leaf print pillow covers, fun prints, and brought in a real banana leaf plant to give it a fresh natural feel. I also incorporated the bamboo wood into the design to keep the natural feel throughout the room. Our bamboo wood floors tied into the natural wood finishes of the frames, crib legs, and end table legs perfectly as well as some other smaller pieces. I really like to give things a personal touch so I knew I wanted to add her name and initials into the nursery somehow. I decided to do three large photos over the crib which included a big “I” with tropical accents and I also added her name in natural wood blocks on a wall shelf. I also knew I wanted a wall bookshelf so I found books that fit in perfectly and topped the shelves with a sweet photo of our girl. One of my most favorite parts of her nursery is the shelf on the wall when you first walk into the room. It reads “Isla’s Bikini Hut” and has 3 of her bathing suits hanging from it. It is the first thing you see when you walk in and definitely sets the tone for the nursery and is just so cute with her tiny swimwear!
Isla’s nursery was so amazing to design but definitely took some time to find all of the perfect pieces. I am so happy with how it turned out and the feeling I get when I walk in. It without a doubt is my favorite room in our house now and I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up in it as the little island baby she is!
Photo Credits: Wings of Glory Photography