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I am a Party Stylist and blogger that lives in South Florida with my husband and 2 year old daughter, Lilah. I love to make my own little world a prettier place and I'm a sucker for all things pink. You can find me at @celebrationstylist on Instagram.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Floral Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I had a plan in my head (probably since Lilah’s last birthday party) of exactly what fun, abstract theme I wanted to do for her next party. But as she’s gotten older and more opinionated, it became very clear to me that even though she couldn’t yet tell me what theme she wanted, if I didn’t do Minnie Mouse, I’d never be able to forgive myself. Minnie is her idol!! I wanted to put my own twist on it but I still wanted it to scream Minnie, which I think it did! I used a lot of flowers because she and I both love flowers and of course we did pink and polka dots too!
I created the Minnie backdrop out of foam board and glued faux flowers on it. The white flowers represented her white polka dots. Then I cut gold polka dots for the wall from removable vinyl. On the table, I used a floral paper runner so the kids could color on it which doubled as an activity. I melted pink crayons into a Mickey Mouse mould to create Mickey shaped crayons. The balloon garland I created draped down the center of the table and touched the floor where I had more balloons lose for the kids to play with.
My favorite part might have been the Minnie Mouse curtains I made. My daughter loved them! I just bought pink polka dot fabric from the fabric store and draped them over a tension bar and tied them with a ribbon. A 5 minute project that I thought really added an extra special touch. I wanted it to feel like her own little pink clubhouse.
We had a Photo Booth backdrop that I made with paper fans by hot gluing them to a foam insulation board. I used various quotes around the party in different ways that I borrowed from her favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; like, Oh Toodles (which I changed to Oh Two-dles) and Thanks for Stoppin by! I tried to incorporate Mickey and Minnie in every way that I could. I even had Mickey shaped ice cubes!!
We had a Minnie Mouse character come by to entertain the kids and I can proudly say, this is a day, my daughter won’t soon forget! She loved it!!