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I am a graphic designer, photographer and mother of two.

Flower Garden Nursery

For this project I had to decide how I was going to turn my son’s nursery into a nursery fit for a girl on a budget. After having a boy I knew I wanted to use pink and gold with colorful flowers. That’s how I came up with the idea to turn my son’s woodland nursery into a flower garden nursery. Artwork from Katie Daisy was perfect for the space and inspired much of the design. I searched Etsy for unique items such as the paper flowers which I found to be a great statement piece and also safe to hang over the crib. I have a love for bees and was able to find this unique bee mobile that was absolutely perfect. I had moved the existing dresser into my son’s new room so I had to find a new dresser. I knew I wanted something very feminine. Lucky for me, my mother had this antique dresser she was getting rid of so my sister and I decided to paint it for the nursery. As a final touch I put gold knobs on the changing table and closet doors and floral knobs on the dresser. It’s surprising what a difference the little details make. I love the mix of antique and modern in the room.
You can view my son’s nursery here

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

With a little sister on the way it was time for my son to move out of his crib and into a new big boy room. My son absolutely loves trains so I decided to give him a trains, planes and automobiles theme that would grow with him but was still kid friendly. The artwork is a mix of finds from local antique shops, Hobby Lobby, and Target. On one side of the room there is the reading nook and on the other an activity table. I love that his room is a place where he can learn and grow.