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jennifer Wright

I'm 31 living in Sonoma County with my amazing husband and we are expecting our first little girl on August 19th, 2012. Can't wait for this next chapter!

Modern on A Budget

I knew from the beginning that our daughters room wasn’t going to have one specific ‘theme’.  We were also working on a pretty tight budget.  We bought our home a year ago and have been focusing on many other home improvements.  This room sat pretty much empty until a few months ago.  When we moved in we installed brand new carpeting but that was about it. Our first thing to tackle were the walls, the top half was covered with horrible wallpaper from the 80’s and unfortunately the previous homeowners didn’t prime the walls before gluing the wallpaper so if we took it down we would have had to hire a professorial to re-texture the walls which equaled lots of $$$.  So…we researched painting over it  (something I never thought I’d resort to) and it ended up turning out great.  We also took down the closet doors and painting all the dark oak trim a nice bright crisp white.