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Ink Me Beautiful

I love creating beautiful things, whether it is interior design, digital designs, or party design. I am a new mom who works full time and has an online etsy store as my part time. I sell digital invitations, wedding printables, shower printables, and more. Check me out

Tiffany Baby Shower Ready to Pop

I loved the color Tiffany Blue. Even before baby was thought about, I knew I could have a Tiffany Baby Shower regardless if it was a girl or a boy. I started pinning inspiration pictures to my Pinterest Board. I planned my own baby shower before my little one was conceived. When I found out it was a boy, I had to try to make it less girly. I incorporated the stripes to make it more masculine.
I advise anyone planning a shower to consider a Photobooth with props. The Photobooth was so much fun. I had some props with Beyonce quotes and other fun items. It was a hit with my guests.

Woodland Nursery with Gold and Silver Stripes and Stars

I absolutely love designing, crafting, and creating beautiful things. This was my first baby and I was on the search for a crib that would be different than what you normally see and good quality. I wanted something gender neutral. I stumbled upon this beautiful crib at rhbaby Restoration Hardware Baby and Child’s website and fell in love. I tried to talk myself out of it because it was pricey for a crib. I decided to keep looking but I couldn’t find anything else that I could fall in love with. So I decided to go with my first love. I knew I wanted a wall of stars but I also wanted stripes. I was concerned that the both together would be too busy, especially in a small room. Then I was on the search for themes that I could incorporate in and I came up with a Woodland Theme. I loved the animal photos from Restoration Hardware but they where way overpriced. I was so happy to stumble upon a shop on Etsy that had similar photos at the fraction of the cost.  I took forever to  determine what size pictures I would put on the wall. The animal photos come in different sizes. I end up going with 12 8×10. I had found the garland from hobby lobby but I had to remove the pink. I stumbled upon the teal blue elephant and giraffe and that’s when I decided teal blue would be my accent color. I tend to get carried away with hanging pictures on the wall. I left one wall without photos. I’m happy with how it all came together at the end. Now only if I could get my little one to sleep in there.