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Chilean designer, blogger, wife, new-mommy, sewing fanatic, obsessive crafter, upcycle passionate and lover of all things pretty =]

Colorful Circus Gender Neutral Nursery

We worked on a budget and DIY most of the elements, the room that we started with did not have lights besides a very small one right next to the entry door, so my husband and father-in-law worked on adding can lights, book shelves and closet. I was in charge of the smaller projects being my first ones the elephant lamp along with the “K” light. The most meaningful project has to be the bathroom door, I painted a section of North America and South America and added hearts to where Santiago, Chile  and California, USA are so we can show our little baby Peanut where Mom and Dad are from =]
The very last project I worked on for the room was the cardboard name sign on top of the crib, since we didn’t know the sex of our Baby, I waited until after delivery, I had already set a side a big box that I was planning on using, but that same week I had planned to start with the sign my Cousin send us the tall giraffe, so I used that box instead, which allowed me to make the sign a lot bigger than my initial plan.