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I'm founder of the site I love to help people throw beautiful champagne-style parties on a beer budget! Born & raised in Atlanta. Besides the blog, I'm also a voiceover artist, a part-time radio DJ, and an actress/host. I am obsessed with champagne, my dog Guinness (the man named him), my husband, and the Bachelor/ette (don't judge).

Mamas and Mocktails Baby Shower

This baby shower was actually for 2 mamas to be! That’s how I came up with the theme – Mamas & Mocktails. I’m involved in a local women’s acting group and two of the girls were pregnant at the same time, with really close due dates. With their permission, we decided it would be easier to have a joint shower.
Both of our Mamas were having girls, but they didn’t want it to be too girly, so we opted for a black, white, and citrus color scheme.
The food was light and healthy and the only shower activity was a decorate your own wine glass, which doubled as a favor.
The majority of the decor was DIYed, but the florals were created by one of the mamas to be!