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Hanny B

Marlyn’s Princess Nursery

Every single mom gets crazy about her first child, and this exactly what happened as soon as i found out it was a girl.It has always been my dream to have a little girl, and it finally came true. I always wanted to create her a princess nursery, and thats how it all started, I saw the wallpaper by Christian Lacroix and i fell in love with it, the texture was so elegant it looks like lace on the walls. It became my inspiration for the rest of the room. Since it was white and silver, I needed to add the pink to it because every little girl needs a pink room! and thats how I started looking for fabrics, everything you see in the room from curtains, bedding, pillows, bumpers was custom made with fabrics that I specially choose. From then on it was just building the ceiling with the flower, choosing accessories, and putting everything together. At the same time I also fell in love with the acrylic crib, I wanted a modern room with a royal touch, thats why I combined the acrylic crib with other acrylic accessories with the elegant paper and fabrics. I loved the final project, the way everything came out together it really feels like a royal nursery, I hope you guys enjoy it to!