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Juliana Lopes

A Little Girl’s Shared Pink Nursery

When I found out I was having a girl, I dreamed on and on about what her room would look like. I hesitated going straight for pink because I thought it was so cliché. Then I told myself: I am having a girl, my first baby girl, and it is my time to go all pink! It didn’t take a lot of self-convincing. When baby number two came along we decided to have the girls share a bedroom. So the only things I needed were more diapers, a crib and a bedding set. I split the original crib bedding set in two. The bumper and diaper holder went to baby Sofia’s crib while the quilt and crib skirt went to Carolina’s crib converted into a toddler bed. Both of them got a new sheet set and a blanket. I also added some white and pink pillows, including one I made out of the valance that came with the crib bedding set. Additionally, their bedroom also doubles as a playroom. So for that side of the room I bought a play table with roll out bins where they store most of their stuffed animals. The walls received a soft coat of pink. White shelves hold picture frames, stuffed animals, and a few other accents like the little love radio they enjoy listening and dancing to. Also, because we believe every child should be able to draw on the walls, we gave them a little chalkboard vinyl.