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Alissa Mickelson

First time mom living in Washington, DC. Loves to attempt (and regularly botch) DIY projects that often end up costing more than if I had just purchased the item!

Rustic Woodland Nursery

Although decor and design are not normally my wheelhouse, prior to starting the nursery I got a really great tip from a design blog.  Choose one piece, however large or small, as your starting piece, and build the rest of the room around that item.  For us, that was the faux deer antlers by with the mustard yellow antlers.  From there, the rest of the room fell into place!  Living in a smaller place, space constraints and storage were constantly on our mind.  The crib has storage below, and my husband built the wall hanging diaper rack based on a discontinued product I had seen from Pottery Barn.  Although we did not end up having room for a glider, the sofa is a pullout so that the room can still serve a dual purpose as a guest room when needed.  We think it is a pretty soothing environment to bring this little guy home to!