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glamour nest

About Me:

I would love to say that my love of design started as a young girl growing up in a beautiful house filled with priceless art, antiques, and furniture. I would love even more to say that my tastes were further refined by jet setting around the globe, experiencing the beautiful cities of Paris, London, and Rome. Alas, the truth of the matter is I grew up extremely poor – “my sweet young mother cooking on a hot plate poor.” Needless to say my love of design grew from a very personal love and need for a home.

My first “home” was my parents’ window tinting shop – cinderblock walls and fluorescent lights being the height of aesthetic choice. Although my mothers love, strength, and creativity did make up for the lack of amenities. When my parents had residential jobs, I would tag along to tint these beautiful homes in cities like Colleyville and Southlake TX. These houses didn’t just say “money,” they said safety, love, and comfort. I loved imagining that these homes were mine….

Finally, when I was in the 4th grade my parents were able to purchase our first real home – and they let me choose everything for my very own room! I carefully picked out white Bassett furniture with dentil detailing and gold accents, and a beautiful canopy bed. To complete the room, I opted for light blue walls with pink stenciled roses and a vintage brass vanity. Yes, my friends, I was the envy of every little girl.

Good design has the power to change how you feel. As little girl, that bedroom made me feel beautiful. Every time I slept under that canopy bed I felt worthy, loved, and like anything was possible.

As I grew older, my love of the home extended into a love for design and how it not only enhances your space – but your life. Creating beauty has value and this is what Glamour Nest is all about!