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Gilit Cooper

Hi, I'm Gilit

I have an Etsy shop called the Bannerie where I sell custom handmade garlands and banners for your party or home.

Visit my blog Shoes Off Please for DIY, decor, and party inspiration!

Mia’s First Birthday Party

Since Mia is turning 1 she didn’t request anything specific for her first birthday party, but we wanted it to reflect her personality so we kept it bright and colorful. We stuck to a few colors (blue, pink, purple, and some gold) but other than that it was sort of a free for all! I made a lot of the decorations myself and some of the food (CAKE POP FAIL!)
It was brunch time and we wanted the food to be baby friendly, so we served mini-waffles, cut up fruit, mini cream cheese sandwiches, and mini-desserts (plus the birthday cake)
In the end, Mia had a great morning surrounded by her loving family!

Aiden’s Milk, Cookies, and Mustaches Party

Much to my delight, Aiden requested a mustache party! Yes, it’s been done but I loved mustaches (found them hilarious) before they were trendy so I was really excited.
Plus it’s perfect for Aiden who is one of the smartest kids I know but a total goofball who loves his milk and of course, loves cookies.
I did as many DIYs as possible to keep the costs down and to make the party personal.