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Kelly Skowronski McGrath

Wife and mommy to two adorable kiddos with a passion for party planning! There is nothing I love more than planning birthday parties (or any event for that matter) - selecting a theme, creating invitations and then running wild! The possibilities are endless!

Pirate and Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Party

When you have children that are five years apart but their birthdays are only one day apart (June 28 and June 29) you have to put on your thinking cap to come up not only with a theme that can be used for a little boy and girl but also one that will work with a five year age difference. I wanted to make the party memorable for my six year old daughter who now had to share her family birthday parties with her new little brother but also wanted to add some special touches for my one year old. Then it hit me, we would have an under the sea extravaganza with a focus on mermaids for my daughter and pirates for my son. It was magical and so much fun to plan!