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Katelyn Meekel

Madeline In Paris Party

A bright and modern take on a little girl in Paris.
Décor & Inspiration
When I think back to the many times I read Madeline as a young girl, I draw so much inspiration (as many of us do from our daily life). I began envisioning the bold and bright primary colors as a pallet to create a fun imaginative styled table.
The main display (from left to right) features a classic but fun black globe, cute homemade cupcakes atop a white chunky cake plate complete with dome. In front you will see three adorable milk jars with a little red pom on top, featuring a character drawing by our talented stationary artist that captures the inspiration of dear sweet Madeline. I love how the colors burst when you see the white, black and three primary colors mixed; one of my favorite combinations.
Next on the table we have two vintage suitcases that hold another chunky white cake plate carrying our homemade yellow fondant art cake. I call it an art cake because of the three primary colors splashed with icing, complete with sweet maraschino cherries! The backdrop “Ooh La la Paris” brings attention to the travel aspect of our party, and with the cute honeycomb paper balls on either side; we were able to draw the table together. We also made tiny ice cream cone Eifel towers that say “Paris” which sit atop their candy toppings for a party (Please see “Eifel Ice Cream” tip). Beside our travel trunks we have an actual black and bold Eifel tower, and our little macaron stack of three to tie in French inspiration to the shoot.
Sweets & Eats
For our cake, we made a sweet lemon cake, lemon fondant, and finished it with the regular butter cream topping swirls & cherry. The macaroons were by far my favorite sweet on the table. We stacked them high to show off the three colors together, such beautiful French inspired baking to complete the setting. Our Eiffel Tower cups were beyond cute, with matching primary color m&ms mixed with mini marshmallows, how could you not have a gourmet ice cream at the Paris Café?
My favorite part of this shoot was our adorable little models and their apparel. Starting from top, we had gorgeous straw hats with little blue roses (for something different from red ribbon). Little blue dresses (found in a local shop) were matched with fabulous royal blue capes with white peter pan tailored collars. Under the dresses were the most adorable puffy matching blue tutus you ever did see. The perfect addition to make the outfits come to life!