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Ashlee Nichols

Hi! I am Ashlee, writer for Little Lovelies, a fashion, lifestyle and babe blog! I'm married to my college sweetheart and have two precious girls who are almost 3 and 1. I have a love for creating, sharing and trying new things!

Girly Glam Toddler Room

When asking my almost-3-year-old what she wanted her room to be made into from her nursery, she told me a gold princess room! I didn’t want to do the usual little girl princess thing, and definitely wanted to make her room last her for several years.  I had been seeing these gold wallpaper walls on pinterest and fell in love, but our walls are textured and wall paper wasn’t an option.  So, I tried to find how to DIY a gold glitter wall.  No such luck, so I decided to try out my own way to do a gold glitter wall.  Through much trial and error, the gold glitter wall turned out perfect (well, with some touching up still to do) but she absolutely loves it.
The wall is a focal point for her room, and we pretty much planned everything else around it.  It will probably have to be retextured, so I really hope gold stays in style for a long while! I wanted to make her room feel girly without making it little girly, if that makes sense.  Much of the decor was transferred/painted from her nursery and tied into her “big girl room” by just painting!
The chalkboard is a special touch that I love, because this is the chalkboard I used to track my pregnancy with her by pictures each week as my belly grew with her growing inside. My husband made me this chalkboard a little before I even knew I was pregnant, to track our Great Dane’s monthly pictures.  It then turned into weekly growth pictures.  It is such a sweet reminder to see it hanging, and her drawing circles and stick people on it.
I wanted to create a space that she could play in, a place for her to go when she wants to draw and read; and I think this area is already loved!  If only we could keep her sister from having chalk for a snack!  This room was a labor of love….and lots and lots of gold glitter!