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I have a joy of learning. I couldn’t focus on just one thing, but I constantly read and studied about various businesses. In school my studies focused on human resources, digital marketing, project management and business administration. With all these things that were interesting to me related to my favorite occupation as an entrepreneur and leader in the world of economics, I kept running into opportunities for myself professionally through experience and education. Continuous education helps us grow as individuals at the same time we are helping others around us become aware of things in the economic world because we’re helping improve their understanding as well...

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High Tech Nursery Products

The High-Tech Nursery

With so many high-tech nursery gadgets on the market, it’s easy to wonder, Do I really need that? And while there are many aspects of parenthood that don’t require any technology, there’s something to be said for the latest baby gizmos to help make our lives a little calmer, easier and less stressful as new parents. […]

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