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New (adoptive) mom, learning to navigate life as a (transracial) family of three one day at a time. I have a passion for creating fun, beautiful spaces.

Gender Neutral Star Nursery

My husband and I started the nursery as we were waiting for the call to adopt our first child. After over 6 years of failed infertility treatments including a failed embryo adoption, we were on pins and needles waiting for the right opportunity to arise. We wanted to create a space that was calming and showed our future child that they would be a bright and shining star in our life. During our 2 month wait to get our home study and adoption profile/website created we slowly collected items for the nursery, ensuring that every little detail was perfect for our future boy/girl. My husband built the closet and I took care of the nursery decor.
One month after we were “live” with the adoption agency, we got the call! We were picked to be parents of a healthy little boy one week from that day. That weekend we scrambled to assemble the final details in the nursery to bring home our baby on February 20th!