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Enyver A Buchanan

I am the owner of Ten Point Floral Design. I love interior design and decorating for weddings and events. I take any opportunity to design a beautiful area and make the space aesthetically pleasant. I am married with a 7 year old schnauzer and a 2 year old who makes my life so much better.

Backyard Dreams- Swing Set and Playhouse

We chose this project because our little girl loves being outdoor exploring, so we decided to make her a swing set and playhouse with a kitchen so she can spend as much time outside.
The color inspiration first came from our house. We wanted to have a playground that matched our home so it can come together. We are the first home in the neighborhood and wanted to make a statement with the best backyard playground.
I added touches of purples/lavenders and blues because they are my favorite colors and you rarely see these colors showcased in room/areas.
We first had to level the area because we live in a hill so my husband rented a mini skid steer machine. He order the hardware and built the swing set on his own. He made the posts of the swing 10 feet long instead of the regular 8 feet to bury them 2 feet under the ground with cement for more support.
We ordered kid safe mulch for the whole area and it got delivered to our home.
The kitchen
The kitchen was inspired by my dream kitchen that has modern touches with “marble” counter top and white and gray back splash.
The little house has water in the sink and battery operated lights for when she wants to stay later in the evening.
We painted everything with solid white stain and sealant to protect the wood for years.
The Reading Nook
for the little nook under the slide I decided to go bohemian.
I made a bookshelf with boxes I use for floral design and added books, decor, amethyst and crystals.
The signs I happened to have them for a while so I don’t remember where I got them from. I sprayed them champagne rose to soften the space.
I added pampas grass and duck feather into a cute hobby lobby vase.
The curtains were cut from original curtains.
The chalkboard was made from a 2’x4′ plywood board and painted with chalk paint 3x to make it smooth.
The hammock I made with crafts I had already in my inventory.
On the bottom of the rug I placed pavers for her to stand up right.
The Dream catcher was made by me( mom)
Thank you for watching, would love to see some comments and see if you love it as much as I love it.