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I'm a graphic designer with a love for interior design and handcrafting as much as I can to create a very personal feel.

Roman’s Navy Baseball Nursery

When I found out we were having a boy, I knew what the nursery would be right away – The Boston Red Sox. My husband’s favorite team and I loved the idea of a very classic red, white and blue theme that could grow with our son.
One of my favorite parts of the project was using items we had already and things I could craft by hand. We included my grandpa’s baseball glove, some artwork, a signed bat and a jersey my husband owned already and a well loved teddy that was my dad’s. Since we had the opportunity to visit Fenway the year before, I had taken pictures around the stadium that I framed as well as a onesie I bought in anticipation of starting our family. I crocheted the blankets, the ottoman cover, a frame for the sonogram picture, the (diaper) box cover that is in the bookcase. I also sewed pillow covers and crocheted some as well. The feature wood wall was made out of peel and stick vinyl wood planks. The oversized nails came into play when the planks started taking dives off the wall! But I think it added to the overall charm of the room. I topped it off with a handmade mobile featuring paper circle cutouts on fishing wire connected to an old sewing loop that I crocheted yarn over the wood of the frame.
Hope you get some inspiration from the room as I have gleaned over many long months!