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Elisabeth Hammar Parker

My name is Elisabeth Parker and I started blogging nearly a decade ago...before kids and before I had anything interesting to say ;) When I first became a stay-at-home mom to our first son Judah, I aspired to be a noteworthy home decor/simple living blogger. I cloth-diapered, made homemade babyfood, and made yogurt in my oven (this seriously makes me giggle now). I spent hours reading other blogs and perusing Pinterest for the latest in design trends, green living, and holistic parenting (lol, what does that even mean?!). And then Ezra came along...and suddenly all of that stuff became quite trivial. I slapped on disposable diapers quicker than you can say "landfill," and posting pictures of my latest homemade Pinterest successes seemed completely absurd.

I still love home design and Pinterest projects. I still aspire to live simply. And Ezra has changed everything. A rare disease diagnosis has helped us to get very clear about what is most important in life: faith, family, love, joy, celebration, perseverance, adventure, and good (and bad) health.

Star Wars Shared Boys Room

I had SO much fun designing this Star Wars shared room for my boys with a neutral base (blacks, greys, etc) – so that the rest of the decor can easily be swapped out as they grow and their interests change. I made the chalkboard above the crib by repurposing a cupboard door from the local Habitat store and wrote the iconic Yoda quote (so fitting for my son who was unexpectedly born with a rare genetic condition that makes him very small). The watercolor prints were a fun, contemporary touch and really brought this room to life. Hope you like it as much as my boys do!
Elisabeth Parker