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Baby Gram was born 4/10/12 - 9lbs 3oz and 21.25 inches long! My doctors told me I'd be having a 7lb baby! They were totally shocked (so were we!). It was extremely hard work getting this guy out but I did it! He's a dream, he eats a lot, and he sleeps well. Love of our lives, Gram Hudson Hatch Fecteau.

Baby Gram’s Nursery

We rent our home but wanted to create a room for our baby that would be just as beautifully decorated and soothing as it would be if we owned. I found a lot of examples of removable and semi-permanent wall decals and then began to search for methods to create our own. We sketched out our design and each took turns refining it until we both felt it was exactly what we wanted. We then began testing different methods of applying the decal to the wall until we found the perfect one. The rest of the room came together around our design. Clean and simple, but colorful, soothing and peaceful – the perfect space for our baby boy.