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Engineering is a popular field of study to enter. Because it is becoming such a popular career choice, it is also becoming more competitive. To increase your chances of getting a great job post-graduation, you should go to the best essay writing services for school possible. This list of top undergraduate engineering schools in the U.S. can provide you with some information about a few of the best engineering schools.

Air Force Academy
The Air Force Academy is known for being one of the most selective colleges in the country. Students need a nomination to even apply, usually from a member of congress. The Air Force academy is located just north of Colorado Springs. The campus is an 18,000-acre Air Force base. All tuition and fees are covered by the academy, but there is a five-year active duty requirement post-graduation.

Annapolis is the United States Naval Academy and is also one of the most selective colleges in the country. Tuition and fees are covered, along with students receiving benefits and a modest monthly salary. Applicants need a nomination in order to apply to the college, usually from a member of Congress. All students have a five-year active duty obligation post-graduation. Annapolis is located in Maryland, and the campus is part of an active naval base.

Cal Poly Pomona
Cal Poly Pomona is located on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. The campus is 1,438 acres large. This school is one of the 23 that make up the Cal State System. Eight academic colleges make up Cal Poly, business being their most popular program. This school also has over 280 clubs and organizations, making it easy for students to get involved.

Cooper Union
Cooper Union is a small college in the East Village of downtown Manhattan. In 1860, Cooper Union's Great Hall was the location of a speech made by Abraham Lincoln. Today, the school is known for its engineering, architecture and art programs. Even more incredibly, it's free. Each student at this college receives a scholarship covering all four years of college.

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