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Nicole Botsman is the founder, lead designer and creative force for Dezaar Interiors. An ex-attorney with an MBA and a Masters of Finance, Nicole's first career was in business. After several yeats in the corporate field Nicole soon recognized that while she was developing great business smarts, her corporate career didn't make her happy or fire her passion for more creative pursuits.

Decorating nurseries for Nicole’s three children led to decorating nurseries and children's rooms for friends, then to their parents bedrooms and living spaces. Recognizing an opportunity to help clients create beautiful, serene, inspirational and well-planned spaces that were also affordable, the idea for Dezaar Interiors was born.

Graphic and Modern Toddler Boy Room

My clients are a busy professional couple with a delightful toddler boy. He had been nestled in the landing below their third-floor bedroom, the space was cozy with just enough room for a crib and a chest of drawers. When Henry turned two they knew it was time for him to have a proper room or his own. The brief was for the room to be as much playroom as bedroom. We tried to utilzie the closet as much as possible for storage to allow more space in the room for toys and play. In terms of the aesthetics the mom had some great black and white photos she wanted to use but was otherwise very open to the color scheme.