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Davide Casaroli

Italian American Architect and Interior Designer living in Los Angeles

Le Gemelle – The Twin Girls

My name is Davide Casaroli, I am Italian, and from Milano. On May 23rd, 2018,  a lifelong dream came true for my husband and I, our twin girls were born!
We live in a historic building in West Hollywood, California. The room we decided on for our nursery has abundant natural light, large windows, and no neighboring walls.
My main goal for the nursery was to create a clean and warm space to enjoy family time together. I chose a hand-knotted 100% wool area rug that covers a large majority of the room. Soon our girls will be able to roll on the carpet as much as they want. On the largest wall of the room, I added a  custom wallpaper world map. I wanted to balance the white in the room with an elastic array of color. The wallpaper hue is custom vivid but relaxing at the same time; the girls stare at the colors on the map. Two air balloons are hanging from the ceiling; the girls look at them as well.  Mission accomplished, we made them happy very easily.
I selected a warm white drapery fabric with small flowers motifs. The draperies have both a thermo and blackout layer. The two layers make the drapery very functional, they block the light, and also mitigate heat and cold.
When I started to design the closet space, I divided the wardrobe into two symmetrical columns. The final result turned out great; each twin has an equal amount of space. No fights over clothes’ space for now!
I allocated a corner to a gray cotton sofa sleeper. I wanted to create a conversational space within the room; so on the opposite side, I placed a pink velour loveseat. Having two comfortable couches is ideal because we can bottle feed both girls at the same time. Between the two sofas, I placed a set of acrylic nesting tables and a table lamp. The nesting tables come in very handy because we can easily move them around and place our bottles and bibs on them as needed.
One of the biggest challenges was to find a changing table: I couldn’t find one to fulfill my prerogatives! So, instead,  I designed my own. The die is cast! I designed a cubby to host our Diaper Genie; I didn’t want to see the garbage disposal on the floor. I ordered pink onyx pulls and white leather for the drawers and the two doors. I wanted a changing table that could transition in time, taking off the top pad the changing table becomes a cool dresser. Right above the changing table, I placed an acrylic shelf anchored by pink copper powder painted brackets. This shelf is very useful; it is nice to have extra storage above the changing table and not only on the sides.
Once the main furniture was in place, I started to have some fun. I selected art for the walls, and then I filled the room with cool accessories and toys. I framed an ” Italian abbecedario”, the Italian alphabet with design and words; it is never to early to learn two languages! I was not raised bilingual, but I want our daughters to pick up different languages from the very beginning.
Last but not least, I designed a custom neon sign over an acrylic cloud with our family motto ” UP ALL NIGHT”.
We hope our motto is not premonitory!!!