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I remember the days growing up where birthday parties aren’t as commercial as they are today. Mom would make everything herself, creating the perfect one of a kind party that expressed your special interest from posh princesses to backyard campouts.I took my fond childhood memories and applied them to our business, making sure to design each invite and party supply with great attention to detail. Ensuring every child’s birthday is a special one to be cherished years from now.

I founded Cio Prints in 2010 as a day dreaming photography student reminiscing about past birthdays as a little girl, from there a creative printing company was created. located just outside Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in both printed & downloadable children's birthday supplies. We carry everything you need to guarantee your little one's party will be a hit

Arctic Coco and Smores Holiday Party

This party was a perfect fit for a little girl with a love of all things penguin. It was a small get together for a few friends before the winter break. We did something small that would entertain and include some traditional holiday fun with a twist. The choice was obvious, a hot cocoa bar and smores yum. A few of the activities included letters to Santa, pin the nose of rudolph, face painting, and penguin bowling. We ended the day by making a visit to the hot coco bar where kids got the chance to choose from a number of wonderful topping: whipped cream, caramel, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles, peppermint crumble, and chocolate chips. Instead of cookies or cake we chose to do smores. With a parents help everyone toasted their marshmallows and chose from chocolate, cinnamon, or honey graham crackers. To top things off they got to choose from cookies and cream or milk chocolate candy bars. Other items on the tables were peppermint pretzel sticks, smore marshmallows, chocolate dipped spoons. For favors there were take home smores kits, cocoa kits with mini marshmallows, chocolate Santa mustache pops, letters to Santa, personalized crayons with childs name on them, penguin cups and cuddly stuffed penguins. Since it was a Christmas party we thought it would be fun for all the kids to be Secret Santa’s for each other. We took photos of everyone saying shhh then printed them on tags that said, “Ho Ho Ho I’m your secret Santa.” Each guest was asked to wear red and white to get in the holiday spirit. As they arrived we had them sit down at the table and draw pictures of what they wanted for Christmas on placemats we printed out.