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Working professional who discovered my creative side when trying to design a room for my son and daughter to share. We recently moved back to Southern California from San Francisco and are excited to raise our children by the beach.

Big C and Little S’ Shared Room

With our first child, Chase, I had preterm labor and was on bed rest.  Chase ended up coming three weeks early.  So, I never really got to put his nursery together the way I wanted.  However, any pieces we bought for the nursery I tried to make sure it would work for either a boy or girl as we planned on having a second child.  About two months after Chase turned one, we found out we were expecting.  When we found out it would be a girl, I wanted to make sure this time around I would have everything ready.  This wasn’t too lofty of a goal since they would be sharing a room.  This is actually their second room since we recently moved back to Southern California from San Francisco.  This room is actually a lot smaller than the one they had in San Francisco.  However, it helped me pare down all their things and focus on key pieces for the room.