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Christine Di Annie

Interior designer with 3 little girls who loves designing kids rooms

Milania’s Perfect in Pink Nursery

This was my first nursery I designed for my first born baby girl. I loved this nursery so much. My favorite part was the fabric ceiling. I did this using sheer drapery panels! The chandelier I got for free from Craigslist, painted and added onto. The signs were cut from wood and had custom designed vinyl stickers my husband and I designed. The chevron wall we painted together and took us quite a while but we loved it. We put so much love into this room.

Rossi’s Gender Neutral Animal Nursery

As an interior designer it was extremely hard to design a nursery gender neutral. We have 2 girls and wanted the sex of this one to be a surprise so we designed it not knowing what we were having. The Black walls were a bold statement but having 2 girls we have 2 Pink rooms so I wanted this one to be a bit different. I loved stenciling the spot wall!! It was my first try stenciling and that was so much fun. I reupholstered and painted my aunts old rocker in gold paint with ombre fur. The crib was passed down from Rossi’s 2 sisters so we had to stick with that one. Luckily we ended up having a girl so the crib fit well. The alphabet wall was something we had as well. I did a whole alphabet wall in our other nursery and I wanted to use the letters again but use a different approach so framing her closet seemed perfect. This nursery was a bold look but I can tell you after having 3 girls this one was the hit. My baby loves staring at all of the Black and White patterns and prints in this room!