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Chavy Abelesz

I am an interior designer, specializing in Nurseries and Kids Rooms. I have been decorating rooms for 10 years now, in between having my own 4 kids. I offer design services all over NY and the surrounding states. I am known to create budget friendly and unique spaces.

I am the owner of, a nursery decor and gifts boutique website. I love everything baby!
I will be launching my own unique and affordable baby bedding line later this year that I am very excited about. Follow to read all about the exciting details leading to our launch!!

Kiki’s Bedroom

I needed to create a fun room for Kiki, a 9 year old girl. The room needed a sleep area plus an arts and crafts area to nurture her creativity.  Kiki is very creative and artsy and I needed the room to reflect that.  Once we settled on the colors, the rest sort of came together.