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Chavy Abelesz

I am an interior designer, specializing in Nurseries and Kids Rooms. I have been decorating rooms for 10 years now, in between having my own 4 kids. I offer design services all over NY and the surrounding states. I am known to create budget friendly and unique spaces.

I am the owner of, a nursery decor and gifts boutique website. I love everything baby!
I will be launching my own unique and affordable baby bedding line later this year that I am very excited about. Follow to read all about the exciting details leading to our launch!!

Maggie and Millie’s Mod Floral Bedroom

When mom Helen emailed me with the project, I was excited about the small space challenge for this studio apartment home. Most of my projects in the past have been more traditional and youthful.  This client wanted a contemporary, clutter-free, mature feel for the room, yet it should have a warm, intimate, and playful vibe.

Baby Beatrice’s Romantic Nursery

The perks of living in the city!  The space was an 8’X10′!  We needed to convert that into a pretty, romantic princessy nursery for Baby Beatrice, born after a number of years of trying.  So we did.  The results are absolutely lovely!

Kyle and Geo’s Nautical Boys Bedroom

We had a bit of a challenge with the size of the room, and the furniture the parents chose for the bedroom.   There was a fine line between making the room look like it is all furniture or letting the bold colors pop against the walls.  There was also enough going on with the fabrics we chose for the room, so we opted for solid walls.

Gina’s Vintage Girls Room

The shape and size of the room was the biggest challenge, especially that it didn’t have any closets or space for storage.  Once we settled on the custom designed bed with built-in closets and storage space, it all fell into place.

E & M’s Girls Bedroom

I needed to create a serene and calm space for the 2 girls.  The house is decorated very traditional so I was going for decor that will blend in with the rest of the home.  The room wasn’t too big either. 

Josh’s Bedroom

I needed to design a space for Josh, a 7 year old boy.  The mother wanted the space to be somewhat transitional.  The colors should work well with more than one theme, and he should feel great in there when he is 7 as well as when he’s 13.  Josh wanted lots of photos of past events on the wall.