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Chantele Johnson

First-time-Mom with a penchant for gold luxe among nature’s fabrics

Chandler’s Not-So-Garanimals Nursery

I love animals! They are curious and innocent… like babies. And I wanted a gender neutral theme for my baby boy. This palette is sophisticated yet whimsical. He can be his adorable infant self and even mature into the space as he ages.
I was inspired by the clean lines and handsome look of mid-century modern furniture and the natural habitats of animals in the wild. The space incorporates a maintenance free “living” green wall on a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard to pique baby’s curiosity and offers a place to express his creative side (you know… once he has the motor skills to do so).  Babies love the high contrast of black juxtaposed to white so his script wallpaper keeps his newborn eyes wowed for quite a bit of time in his crib (perfect for me to steal away for a load of laundry change or a potty break).
All in all, we love our space! It’s just right.