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A crafty mom of two who just loves decorating!

Lis and Her Under the Sea Friends 2nd Birthday Party

When Lis was turning two I decided to go for an under the sea theme, since she loved fishes, turtles and all sea creatures.
I once again tried to have a very vibrant and colorful party. We gave her photograph for the relatives to keep and the kids got beach toys as party favors.
Since the kids were a little bigger than last time, we rented some outdoor entertainment for the kids.

Lis Loves Sesame Street Birthday Party

When Lis was turning one and I had to pick a theme for her birthday party, there was nothing else that came to mind besides Elmo! That was her favorite character up to that point. She loved his monster friends, the songs and everything sesame!
Because there were other small children attending, we created a baby corner with rubber flooring and baby toys for their entertainment.
Besides the party favor bags for the children, we gave an Elmo photo holder for everyone to take. The relatives seem to love that. Especially aunts and grandmas!