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I am a designer. I owned a faux finish company in California in the 90's . Now I design bed crowns and own a small shop where I create custom made bed crowns as well as occasional interior design in the OKC area. I fell in love with canopy beds at a very young age and decided to make canopy beds that were affordable.

She’s a Big Girl Now Princess Room

Every girl wants a princess room. They are only children for a little while, so why not give them a room that they love to show off to everyone who visits. Let their imagination run free, they will be faced with the bieges and greys , browns of everyday life soon enough. My theory is “Give them color” ” Inspire them to love color and art”¬†Psycologists who study the effect of color in children’s and infants rooms have found that pinks in particular tend to sooth a child as does soft blues. While neutral colors seem to have little effect one way or another.My favorite part of this room is the book shelf because reading is so important in a child’s life and the castle cutouts because dreams are just as important.