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Pink and Gold Party for Two Girls!

My girls decided to have their party together this year. Although they are only two years apart, they both have very specific requests and are interested in different things, especially characters. The three of us sat down and discussed a way to bridge the differences and came up with the decision that color was the common denominator! So pink and gold was the answer and together we worked on the fans, tassels, pom-poms, and party favors. They were excited to help and were most excited about the bubble gum machine favors. Although simple, the party was a success, not only for how sweet it looked, but for how it made the girls feel. They were so proud to share their hard work with their little friends!

Our Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday!

The main idea was to have a party that was simple, but bright, and that it followed a theme very loosely. Two years ago, we had a party for our oldest girl that was a success! It was beautiful and simple, catered to adults and kids. So I wanted to repeat that experience in a very similar way. Instead, of a circus theme, we went with “under the sea” theme. We kept the idea of using vintage colors for the design of invitations, labels, and overall decor. Vintage colors worked well the first time, so we couldn’t escape using it as a cohesive way to marry the flowers, with the banner, balloons, piñata, etc. And like the circus theme party, the food for this party also related to theme and we either served seafood items, or foods that we could allude to sea life. So under the sea it was!
I worked on a simple pattern to represent water and designed a few elements (submarine, whale, and sun) to throw in another color or two as part of the design for the tags, cards, labels, invitation, etc. This variation of colors and elements was, then, represented in the decor of the party in the form of tassel garlands (water), balloons (sun), a photo prop (submarine), and a piñata (whale). The piñata was commissioned and it was a hit! The photo props I ordered on etsy, and the cake and desserts were made by a friend (fat gabby’s cakes on Facebook).
Everyone had a great time, especially our girl. photo credit: Tate Tullier

Our Little Girl’s 1st Birthday!

The main idea was to have a party that was simple and colorful, without an obvious theme. Our little girl hadn’t been exposed to a lot of tv characters, so she did not have a favorite character to be the driving force and inspiration for the party. Instead, we chose to use animals and colors to compose a theme, since that’s what she was learning at the time. And also, because we live in an old house we love, there was nothing better than marrying a vintage theme with animals that she loved. So vintage circus it was! The color scheme was vintage inspired, as well as the patterns. I purchased the round poms poms at etsy and made the banner pom poms to accentuate the color scheme. Other than that, I worked on the same combination for the tags, cards, labels, invitation, etc. It was a fun project to work on and practice my illustrator and photoshop skills. The piñata was a gift and it completed the decor. The home brewed beer was also a wonderful gift and it made the party! Everyone had a great time, especially our girl.

photo credit: Tate Tullier

Toddler & Newborn Shared Room

This project started off as a room for our first daughter and it easily evolved into a room she’ll share with her newborn sister. A queen size bed was replaced by two twin beds. Our oldest now sleeps in the toddler bed, the little one has the crib. Eventually, the crib will be replaced by the dresser/changing station, thus opening room in the closet for both of the girls to store clothes and toys. For now, the room is functional, practical, and lively, a place they are comfortable in and can grow into.