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My name is Catherine, and I am a SAHM of two littles, Layla and Landon. I love creating custom party decor, learning about photography, and spending time with my family.

Layla’s Donut Grow Up 4th Birthday Party

For our daughter’s 4th birthday, we decided to go with a donut theme. My daughter loves donuts and I love how cute they look! I bought most of the party supplies on Amazon. I made the banner and the cake pops myself. The cookies were baked & decorated by Best Cookies By Farr and the invitation was designed by JanePaperie on Etsy. For additional information, please see my blog:

Landon’s Party Like a Pineapple 1st Birthday Party

I have always loved pineapples and everything they stand for—tropical places, summertime, and fun! A few years ago, I saw a pineapple-themed party hosted by the lovely Jenny Cookies, and I fell in lovvvvvve! Since then, pineapples & pineapple parties have been everywhere, and I have enjoyed seeing all of the different ideas online, especially on Pinterest. And off course, as soon as I found out we were pregnant & having a summer baby, I knew I’d plan the first birthday theme around pineapples.
For sources and additional information, please visit my blog: Here Comes Baby.