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Brittani Brown

Hi, I am Brittani Brown, owner of Brittani Brown Interiors, LLC. Having made my way from Dallas, TX to ‚ÄúSweet Home Alabama‚ÄĚ in 2012, I am thrilled to call Birmingham home. I discovered my passion for interior design when my husband and I purchased our home, which needed renovation. I am no stranger to the industry as my aunt is an interior designer and has influenced me greatly. I vividly remember going to every antique store on a Saturday with her and my mother when I was young and NOT being thrilled, but I see those days have paid off and it has evolved to Brittani Brown Interiors. I am a Physical Therapist as well so I guess you can say I am going from rehabbing knees to rehabbing spaces.

Baby Bookworm Nursery

I chose this project because I love the spin from the traditional baby boy nursery. ¬†The ¬†“Baby Bookworm Nursery” ¬†was inspired by my my client’s love for learning and exploring through books, which is a trait they hope pass to their children. ¬†I am always thrilled when the design has sentimental ties. ¬†Nurseries and kids spaces are so much fun because I can really get creative with colors and themes. ¬†Not only do you want the space to be aesthetically pleasing, but it must be functional. ¬†Lighting and storage are BBI’s “Nursery nonnegotiables.” ¬† You must have adequate lighting to be able to thoroughly inspect the skin especially with diaper changes and hygiene. ¬†Storage is a must because we know babies have ton of “stuff.”

Hoopstar Playroom

I chose this project because a ton of our kiddos are schooling virtually and so much of how they perform depends on environment. ¬†I love that this playroom is dual functioning with a desk area for today’s virtual learning and a bean-bag lounge area for breaks. ¬†This project is inspired by my client’s love for basketball so it’s a locker room theme. ¬†When designing a playroom my advice would be storage, storage, and more storage!! ¬†The lockers were a Facebook marketplace fine with a DIY repaint. ¬†They tie in the locker room theme, but also give great storage!