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Beverley Wolter

Wife, Mom, Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur. After my 1st son was born I was lucky to be able to stay home with him. However, nothing could stop my creative side from wanting to produce something. When we moved to our new home here in Scottsdale, AZ. I couldn't take the nursery and painting with me so i turned it into a decal set to take with me. I felt so inspired. I started my own online store "Judson Lane" offering "Hot air balloons" and additional nursery decal kits, custom artwork and Canvas giclee reproductions.

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Animal Nursery

I’ve always been an artist. When i was contemplating my son’s new nursery, I imagined creating a whimsical mural scene of hot air balloons & animals floating around the room. I wanted to create a unique, serene, classical, vintage feel. Along with a calming space for both of us. As an Award winning, decorative artist & designer, when what I wanted wasn’t out there, I designed it. We converted our then “large office” into the baby’s room. 1st- I chose the design elements. The walls on either side of the window were empty nooks so my hubby and I built in some floating natural wood shelves. I also knew i wanted to create a “sky” and a “horizon” I chose the wall, trim & ceiling colors and added (horizon line) moldings. Then created vintage panels using tape to create creamy stripes and scallops below the chair rail. I also chose a light fixture that resembled a “Balloon”. The ceiling height was 11 feet. Shopping for drapes this size & length were pricey. So, i bought some inexpensive canvas and sewed the draperies myself. Then i spent 6 months of my pregnancy creating up on a scaffolding, hand painting animals, balloons, and clouds. I couldn’t find matching wall prints so designed some vintage prints on Photoshop. I Matted and put them in large silver, antique looking frames. For his name above the crib, I found some metal plaques at a craft store and repainted them to match. I picked up additional, coordinating decor items around town ( an old style clock, wrought iron animals etc) and worked with a quilt artist to create my son’s own “Vintage Balloon” Quilt. We worked together to get the colors into the quilt from left over drapery fabric and using the colors in my paintings. I’ve never poured so much love into a project and i think it shows. ~Beverley Wolter