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Passionate, intuitive and enthusiastic interior designer. Also, mom of 3 rambunctious boys. Specializes in sensory design. Every child needs the right space with the right colors and furniture placement in order to be comfortable and feel safe in their room. Sensorize™ your child's space.

Sensory-Friendly Kids Bedroom

This boy has sensory seeking needs. He is very sensitive to lighting and to colors.
I added the wave pattern wallpaper because it is soothing, and he’s able to feel calm when he’s in his room. I also Added storage bins to organize all his toys. The less he sees, the better. The more clutter is in his room, the more anxious he gets. The wall color i used is a light calming color. I also added the teepee so that he could go in there when he feels anxious. Since he has low muscle tone and a weak core, I chose chairs that are curved so that he could feel supported and “hugged”. I added a swing to help him calm down when he feels he’s out of control. All of those elements really contribute to his mood and comfort. They have helped him tremendously!

Sensory Interior Design

This project was created for a boy who has special needs. He has ADHD and sensory processing disorder. He wasn’t comfortable in his room. He couldn’t sleep well and was waking up at all hours of the night. We painted the room a soothing cream color, and added a diffuser with calming scents. We changed the lighting, changed the bedding, and added sensory accessories to help this boy fulfill his sensory needs. He now loves room and uses it to soothe himself when he needs it. Oh- and he sleeps a full night!

Project Revive!

I chose this project because this was the most adorable little boy who recently transferred into a big boy bed and didn’t have the proper space!  He also didn’t have a reading nook, despite loving books. I chose green as the main color because it is a soothing bedroom color and promotes calmness and serenity. The rest of the decor is light colored to complement the soothing aspect.
tips: don’t mix too many colors in a bedroom. Less is more. Also, make sure not to over clutter a room with too many items.