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I am a Mom, Baby Planner, and Marine Corps wife.

Laila’s Purple Butterfly Room

Laila’s toddler room was inspired by a set of plain white butterflies that caught my eye at Target. I bought and returned them a few times, because they didn’t go with her very neutral jungle theme nursery. When we received her “princess sleigh bed” from a family friend, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her toddler room.I spray painted the butterflies to match the letters I had made for her nursery, and the flowers to match the bedding. I also painted frames of various sizes and styles to match. We use this family photo wall to sing/say goodnight to our family members who live far away.We also took off the hanging doors to the closet to make this great reading area, that I’m sure someday will be turned into a stage of some sort. The “bench” is actually where the cold return is for the heater, so it was already in place. The teddy bear light may look out of place, but it is a sentimental piece from my own nursery that my mom passed down for my daughter.